Self Isolation = Self Care

Let’s focus on some positives of staying at home. Rather than thinking about what we’re missing out on, put the time to good use with a bit of self care!

Does your hair need some love and attention but you’ve just been too busy to put in a treatment? Life gets hectic, with work, family, friends; let alone finding time for a little luxury for ourselves. Well as I sit here working away, I currently have my favourite, delicious smelling, moisture treatment working in my hair too! Multi-tasking like a champion, not something I’d be able to do at the office.

The treatments recommended below work best when given ample time to work on penetrating the hair. Therefore, you will get greater results when you follow the directions for application.


The Routine

Shampoo your hair in your morning shower (without following with conditioner) and then apply your chosen treatment after you get out. Wrap your hair up gently in a hair wrap, make your self a coffee (with a dash of Kissed Earth Brilliance of course) and get to work in your new home office!

There’s no need to have a second shower to rinse, you would be surprised how much of the treatment your hair absorbs so it’s very quick to rinse out over a basin.

**Pro Tip – Always follow a treatment with your regular conditioner (just apply and leave for a couple of minutes before also rinsing over basin). It’s essential to help lock in all the moisture and protein your treatment has just given your hair.

If you’re up for total luxury, why not have a pampering bath. Treatment in hair, your favourite Glasshouse candle burning and perhaps a cheeky wine. Definitely a sure-fire way to beat the isolation blues!

Either way, get your self-care routine top notch while we have this extra home time. Then, when the time comes, we’ll all be struttin’ out like JLO at the SuperBowl with our luscious locks.

Here are 5 of the best hair treatments to work for your hair, while you’re working!


Davines Oi Hair Butter

Biolage HydraSource Mask 150ml

Pure Sacred Mask


EverEscents Organic Cinnamon & Patchouli Deep Treatment

Keune Care Satin Oil Mask




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