Perplexed with your damaged hair?!

Everyone’s heard of Olaplex, but did you know that over time many brands have sent their own research and development teams into overdrive, to produce their version of the groundbreaking technology.

Basically, the idea behind these products is to maintain the integrity of the internal bonds in your hair that gives its strength. These bonds are often damaged and broken when having colour services that push the hair to the limits – think packet black to blonde. The stress of such a service in the past would have been over multiple sittings with weeks in between. Fortunately, now hairdressers have the ability to achieve incredible results with the help of these bond building products.

You best part is you can also follow up each service with the take home equivalent to what your colourist has used in the salon. Allowing your hair to be at it’s best between salon visits too.

Here are the best of the best: 

Keeping your hair in great condition ensures your colour is looking incredible and you can spend less time on styling and more time on socialising!
Here's to happy healthy hair!
The SS Team

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