NEVER HEARD OF THEM?! Neither had I! A huge brand in Europe and an incredible company that has been around for nearly 60 years! Starting as a family business in Milan, they have combined innovation and technology to create high end professional hair care. Now they have hit Australian shores and we have it!

Lisap’s TopCare range has something for everyone;

Hydra Care for extra nourishment

Color Care for post colouring to ensure the hair integrity is maintained

Chroma Care to prolong colour services and protect the hair

Elixir Care aids in restructuring, strengthening and brightening treated and damaged hair

Silver Care for all those blondes out there that need help eliminating yellow tones - Also for natural grey/white hair.


We took the range for a test run and looooved the results!

I’m blonde (with help from my hairdresser) so of course I wanted to try the Silver Care and the Elixir Care.

I started with the Silver Care Shampoo.  Having tried many silver shampoos in my time, I’ve come to be a bit of an expert in what to expect. I have found in the past when using silver shampoos they have the tendency to ‘grab’ or over tone when my hair is particularly damaged – Fortunately this wasn’t the case with the Silver Care Shampoo. I found it took away some of the warmth in my colour without turning me purple! I particularly loved the smell – I felt like I was in a salon!

Next I went with the Restructuring Elixir Mask  – Enriched with Argan oil, Ceramide A2 (strengthening and elasticity) and an Elixir Care Complex that imparts shine and moisture while aiding in styling. I made sure I applied it to towel dried hair as I’ve learnt in the past that wet hair will dilute my treatments and I left it on for the full 15 minutes (I was in the bath so this part was easy!)

To say I was impressed with this product would be an understatement. My hair felt amazing! It was so smooth, soft and took less time for me to dry.

The last product I tried was the Elixir Shining Oil – I have quite fine hair so tend to avoid oils normally. But I must say this one is beautiful! After blow drying and curling my hair, I used a small amount and rubbed it evenly over my hands before applying to my midlengths and ends first and then a little on top for those frizzy fly aways. I tamed them perfectly and created the shine and smoothness I was hoping to achieve. 

So, after using Lisap Milano for the first time; I must say my hair hasn’t felt this good in a long while! I can’t wait to try their Keraplant Nature Range next!


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