I've got a lovely bunch of Coconuts...

Coconut Coconut Coconuts!


If you love coconuts, you’re going to luuurve Ecococo.

Ecococo are an Australian company bringing us a range of body beautifying products, that are vegan, cruelty free and infused with all the right things. The champion ingredient being Certified Organic Coconut Oil, sourced from the South Pacific Tropics. As you can imagine, the smell of the Ecococo products are just divine and the benefits of using coconut oil infused products speak for themselves.


The Benefits of coconuts:

Intense Moisture


Gentle Exfoliant

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial

Natural healing properties


Ecococo don’t stop with just certified organic coconut oil. They also combine nutrient rich botanicals and mineral salts to give your skin that summer glow.


Here’s my Ecococo routine


Step 1. Give yourself a quick dry brush scrub prior to jumping in the shower. Use the Ecococo body brush in circular motions from the top of your shoulders right down to your toes (without water). This will boost circulation and prep your skin but starting the exfoliation process and getting rid of those dead skin cells. *Hot tip - this brush is also great for removing tan!


Step 2. I then like to wash my skin with the Ecococo Body Wash before proceeding to my favourite Ecococo body scrub. My favourite scrub right now? Ecococo Coconut Mango Body Scrub.



Step 3. Body Oil. If you’ve never used a body oil before, now is the time to try it. While still in the shower lightly coat your skin with Ecococo Stress Free Body Oil (the steam from the shower will help you relax as you inhale the fragrance released by the essential oils). Apply all over and allow your skin to absorb the goodness before rinsing thoroughly.


Step 4. After getting out of the shower, I then blot myself dry. I find if I’m too vigorous with my towel after already giving myself both a dry brush scrub and exfoliating scrub, my skin responds with going bright red and staying that way for some time!


Step 5. Finish your self pampering by applying Ecococo Coconut & Lime Body Butter for that extra nourishment and love for your skin.


You are then ready set go with stunning illuminating, soft skin!

I love doing the above process the evening prior to tanning. I find it preps my skin perfectly for an even, long lasting tan.

P.S Ecococo Tanning Mousse is my go to tan!


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