Tried & Tested: L'ANZA Healing Style Dry Shampoo 300ml

When I'm shopping for dry shampoo it's hard to understand the difference between a good one or a bad one. However, once you get a bad dry shampoo you realize what a good one is. I decided to try and test out the L'anza Healing Style Dry Shampoo because it has been known to nourish the hair as well as keep it fresh.    

The L'anza healing style dry shampoo is a light dry shampoo that can be buildable and is easy to work into the hair. What I really like about this dry shampoo is that the scent isn't as strong as other dry shampoo's I've tried. Overall this dry shampoo is perfect for your mid-week hair boost, it balances out your hair's natural oils while leaving as little residue as possible.   

L'ANZA Healing Style Dry Shampoo sprays-on clean & dry. Contains natural purifying ingredients that leave hair exceptionally clean & refreshed without residue.
Invisible natural mineral powder with extra absorbency and no residue! 
Keratin Healing System: repairs damage while creating manageable styles at the same time
Cactus Extracts: provide an extra measure of thermal protection, preventing damage from blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons 
Shake can well. Spray into dry hair, targeting roots. Massage through with fingertips. Brush or comb hair to remove excessive oil & impurities.
Control: 1/10