Just Arrived: All New Products That Are Worth The Splurge

We’re always on a quest to find the best products that will address our hair and beauty concerns. Here at Salon Style, we’re also dedicated to just exploring our new arrivals to make sure you get the right recommendation for all your hair and beauty needs!

This month, we have products for those experiencing frizz, hair thinning, flat hair and evening blonde hair, and dry skin. Check out what’s new in April:


L’Oreal Professionel Chroma Creme Purple Dyes Shampoo

Newly-bleached hair? Brassy blonde hair? Are these hair issues you’re currently experiencing? Fret no more! L’Oreal Professionel’s Chroma Creme Purple Dyes Shampoo can colour correct and care for your blonde tresses looking like a pro meticulously worked on it! Trivia: This shampoo’s purple pigments are professionally calibrated.

This purple dyes shampoo is designed for blondes and platinum blondes who want to keep their hair neutralised. The shampoo creates a homogenous neutralisation of unwanted yellow tones. It ensures that you won’t see colour spots even on porous areas. An even blonde colour with 3x the shine. Now, who doesn’t want that?

To get that ultimate blonde haircare routine, apply the Metal Detox Shampoo first to wet hair. Rinse it thoroughly and follow with the Chroma Creme Purple Dyes Shampoo. Leave for 2-15 minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly.

Fanola Volumising Conditioner

Looking for a conditioner that can liven up your hair, strengthen it, and keep it bouncy? The Fanola Volumising Conditioner is Panthenol-formulated that creates a protective layer around your roots to keep them healthy and free from damage. It is also rich in Cotton Oil which can reduce frizz and hydrate hair. 

It moisturises and lifts the follicles to create body and volume for thin or flat hair. No drags just a feeling of weightlessness to cleansing your hair. Each wash can show you have a head full of vitality and elasticity. 

This volumising conditioner is great for daily use especially if you have fine tangled hair. Using it is as easy as the usual wash. Apply the conditioner evenly along the length of your hair. Comb through and leave on for 3-5 minutes.

Davines More Inside This Is An Invisible Dry Shampoo

We love a multitasking product and dry shampoos take the cake when it comes to that. The Davines More Inside This Is An Invisible Dry Shampoo will be your hair BFF, especially for days when you can’t wash your locks. It absorbs extra sebum and impurities leaving no residues behind so you can get that clean, fresh, and soft finish to your hair.

This waterless style extender also adds volume to your hair and can be used as a styling product, too. Just finished a gym sesh? Got the smell of a restaurant stuck to your hair? Refresh yourself by combing your hair first. Shake the can well and hold it 20cm from your head as you get ready to spray. Make sure to spray at the scalp and roots in sections. Massage the product into the scalp or brush to distribute it evenly through the hair.

Redken Thickening Treatment Stemoxydine 5%

For all our girls and guys experiencing advanced signs of hair thinning, we always have you in mind! To address this natural hair issue, you need a thickening system that can help improve the density of your hair with the Redken Thickening Treatment Stemoxydine 5%. 

The 5% Stemoxydine in its formula works to strengthen hair fibres and energise hair follicles all while nourishing and stimulating your scalp. You can use this thickening treatment on dry hair or damp hair. Just apply daily to your scalp concentrating on your roots. To have an easy go at this, divide your hair into 8 sections with a focus on your hairline using the pipette. Gently massage to permeate your entire scalp and spread it along your hair length. Remember: do not rinse it and let it dry on your head.


Davines Naturaltech Home Fragrance (50ml)

Davines isn’t just all hair, they also have something for the aromachologists or cognoscenti. The Davines Naturaltech Home Fragrance provides a feel-good fragrance in whichever room you place its amber jar and fragrance sticks. Its rich and luxurious fragrance can heighten a sense of relaxation and calm on any given day.

It has notes of spicy cumin, liquorice, and caramel that can transform your home into a home spa in an instant! Pop it in any room of your home and savour the feeling and welcome as its aroma surrounds you.


Davines Oi Body Scrub (200ml)

All-natural, pore-cleansing and oil-cleansing—charcoal definitely has great skin benefits. The Davines Oi Body Scrub is a creamy exfoliating rich black-as-night body scrub that helps to detoxify and brighten skin.

As an active ingredient, charcoal facilitates cleansing and gentle exfoliation as you spread this body scrub all over you. It removes dead skin cells and gives you soft, silky and supple luminous skin. It also stimulates circulation and helps eliminate toxins and impurities. The Davines signature fragrance of cumin flower, liquorice and ambergris moss can add that added spa-like feel in the comfort of your home.

From body scrubs to all the latest haircare for your needs, we got all the 411 to looking good and feeling gorgeous! Which among these products are you excited to try?

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