How to make a Milk_Shake hair cocktail


If you really want your Milk_Shake to bring all the boys to the yard then keep on reading. Milk_Shake are famously known for their hair cocktails which are made with one of their 100ml Direct Colours and Milk_Shakes Whipped cream leave-in conditioners. 

This is the ultimate way to achieve an at home salon hair experience, which can brighten your hair between visits. If you want a colour that enhances your current salon treated hair or if you want a complete change then the Milk_Shake hair cocktail is for you. 


What do I need to make a hair cocktail?


You'll only need two main ingredients, one Milk_Shake Whipped Cream and a Direct Conditioning Colour of your choice and a cocktail glass or you can use any bowl of your prefered choice. 


How to make a Milk_Shake hair cocktail? 


Need Inspiration? Here are some of our favourite looks 

Milk Shake Conditioning Direct Colour - Violet 200ml




Milk Shake Whipped Cream 200ml 






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