Give your hands a little LOVE

Are you neglecting your hands?

I was so excited to receive my stunning bespoke ring and show it off until I looked at my dry hands and chipped nail polish (sad face). I couldn’t believe I’d let my hands go without even realising. In my defence, with all the extra hand washing and hand sanitiser, it’s not surprising that my poor hands are feeling it.

So I jumped in to action and rather than just a standard manicure, I wanted to go a little luxury and do a ‘facial’ on my hands! I used all the same process as though I was doing my usual face treatment. If you have hand specific products I obviously recommend using them but if not, I used products I’d normally use on my face!

Now to the best part! I don’t have enough time in my day to waste it painting my nails only for the polish to chip within hours and look tacky. I’ve tried the DIY gel setting nail polish but again, with having to ‘set’ each layer of polish with the LED light, I would get impatient, rush and have my nails looking like I’d let my daughter practice on me (she’s 2!)

I’ve now discovered the solution to my nail polish woes! OPI Infinite Shine Polish!

It’s a 3 step system:

OPI Pro Stay Primer to prep the nail bed


2 x coats of your choice of long wear lacquer


Followed by the OPI Pro Stay Gloss


You have the durability of a gel like polish without the LED and the commitment. This system will have your nails looking like a pro did them for up to 11 days! It sets with natural light, so take your coffee (or wine) outside and get painting!

My go to colours right now are:

OPI Infinite Shine Flashbulb Fuchsia


OPI Infinite Shine Barefoot In Barcelona 


 OPI Infinite Shine Teal The Cows Come Home


Read on to for the full treatment!

Step One: Cleanse – I started by giving my hands a gentle dry brush scrub with my nail brush, helping lift off dead skin cells and promoting circulation. I then used a moisturising cleanser all over my hands and nails, making sure I cleaned under my nails well too.

Step Two: Exfoliate – having already done the dry brushing, I used a gentle exfoliating scrub all over my hands, concentrating on areas that looked particularly dry.

Step Three: Mask – Here I used my favourite face mask on my hands to improve hydration and make my skin feel nourished.

Step Four: Moisturise – Rather than just rubbing in a quick hand moisturiser, I made sure I gave my hands some extra love with a massage (I enlisted my daughter to help with this!)


Your hands will love you! xxxx



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