GHD Platinum Styler for Healthier, More Stylish Hair

When looking for a straightener you want one that is going to protect your hair, scalp and boost hair growth.  The award winning GHD Platinum Styler offers you more flexibility and control while minimizes hair breakage.

The GHD Platinum Styler features patented, cutting-edge tri-zone technology that provides ultimate styling result every time for healthier, shinier and stronger hair. Some of the features and benefits of the GHD Platinum Styler include:

No Splitting, Breakage, or Hair Damage

Unlike other hair stylers that rip through and pull out your hair while using them, the GHD Platinum’s innovative features ensure hair breakage is reduced and, at the same time, increases shine. The Platinum Styler helps to reduce splitting, breakage, or damage that can happen to your hair while styling.  With the end result being, healthier, brighter, shiner hair.

Even Heat Distribution with Intelligent Tri-zone Technology

One of the qualities of a good hair styler is its ability to maintain an even heat distribution heat across the plates any time it is being used. The GHD Platinum Styler features the intelligent tri-zone technology comprising of six heat sensors. This makes it capable of maintaining a constant and even distribution of heat across the plates, from root to tip, which is safer for your hair.

Flexible and Versatile

The GHD Platinum Styler can be used on all hair types - normal, dry, thin or thick, short, long, chemically treated, curly, natural, or colour treated. Once the hair styler comes in contact with your hair, it delivers an even heat, ensuring that each hair strand is treated in a subtle way to enhance shine and minimize breakage. 

Unique Wishbone Hinge

The unique wishbone hinge provides added control while styling. The wishbone hinge holds the precision milled, floating plates in perfect alignment. With this, coupled with your touch of creativity, you can create any style that pleases you. 


Whether travelling in Europe, America, or Asia, the differences in voltage is not a problem with your GHD Platinum Styler.  Featuring a universal voltage regulator that ensures that the same outstanding performance is delivered wherever you are in the world. You can expect up to 185 degree temperature for optimal styling. 

As a safety precaution, the GHD Platinum Styler also comes with automatic shut off switch after 30 minutes of idleness. Further, if you purchase one of the special edition Platinum Styler you will be provided with a high-class coordinating heat-resistant bag which makes it easy to carry your Styler with you even when you travel. 

 Final Comment

Irrespective of your style, length, or kind of hair, the GHD Platinum is an incredible hair styler that will make your hair softer, healthier, and shinier. With the GHD Platinum, styling just got safer, easier and faster.

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