Find Your Scent Vibe with Glasshouse Fragrances!


Walking into a room that looks fab and smells amazing is a whole mood, right? It's wild how the right scent can just lift up a space, making it feel like it's straight out of a Pinterest board.

Now, if you're into vibes that come with killer scents, Glasshouse Fragrances is your new BFF.

(And hey, if candles aren't your thing or your landlord's a stickler, their diffusers are a game changer!)

Whether you’re looking to jazz up your office space, set the perfect dinner party mood, or just treat yourself, Glasshouse has something for every occasion.

They’ve got a range of candles, diffusers, lotions, and more that are just waiting to be discovered.

Not sure where to start? No worries.

We’ll guide you through the fragrance families and help you find the perfect Glasshouse scent for your space. Your journey to a swoon-worthy scented space starts now!

Fragrance Families 101

So, there are six main fragrance families that most scents fall into. But hey, if you find a fragrance that just speaks to you, that’s cool too!

Knowing what scents you dig makes online shopping a breeze.

Amber - Evocative


Warm, spicy vanilla vibes? Yes, please. It’s like each whiff takes you on a mini vacation to some warm and exotic place.

It’s not just a girly-girl scent. It’s got that little bit of a rugged edge making it a great pick for anyone.

Now, blend in a little citrus, some floral, or maybe green notes, and Amber becomes that cool, versatile friend who gets along with everyone.

Imagine chilling in a cosy Moroccan cafe or strolling through a lively Turkish bazaar under a sunny sky.

Lighting up this scent during a crisp winter evening or just a laid-back night in, transforms your space into a snug yet exotic hideaway, whether it’s your living room or your bedroom.

Top Amber Pick:

Chypre - Classic


Ever heard of Chypre? No? Well, it’s more like a classic blend of goodies rather than a solo act.

Imagine a cosy gathering of citrus, florals, wood, oakmoss, and amber, all mingling together.

Whether it’s playing it cool and light, or going deep and sensual, there’s a Chypre vibe waiting to match your mood.

Top Chypre Picks:

These classic scents are great for the bedroom and the beach house alike.

Woody - Earthy


Woody scents are like that comfy old leather jacket mixed with a touch of spice - a classic that never goes out of style.

With a nod to cedar, leather, and some spice, these scents are perfect for anyone and everyone.

Picture this: a chill evening by a bonfire in a cedar forest. That warm, earthy aroma wrapping around you is what woody scents are all about.

It’s like a cosy hug in a bottle, ready to make your space feel like the snug hideaway you crave.

Top Woody Picks:

Evoking log cabins or that mysterious man, these are a huge mood.

Floral - Heaven


Floral scents are like having a little garden indoors. They come in a lot of varieties, so whether you like a clean, straightforward floral scent, a mixed bouquet vibe, or even a floral with a spicy kick, there’s something for every mood and every room.

They just have a way of making a place feel a little more like home.

Top Floral Picks:

Fresh - Clean


Clean scents are like that satisfying feeling you get after tidying up, but in a candle or diffuser form. They pull in the refreshing bits from citrus, coastal notes, and greenery to give you that little pick-me-up.

Lighting one of these up is like inviting summer into your space, no matter the season. It’s about keeping things light, airy, and full of energy.

And hey, they are pretty awesome for keeping your kitchen and bathroom feeling fresh and lively. So, the next time you’re looking to add some zest to your space, you know what to reach for!

Top Fresh Picks:

Gourmand - Naughty


Gourmand scents are like having your favourite dessert but without the calories. They’re all about that deliciousness that makes you go “mmm.”

These scents can be pretty indulgent, pulling in notes that remind you of sweet, savoury, or spicy treats.

Choose your scent, but be warned, you might find yourself enjoying it a bit too much every time you stroll through the room. So, why not? Light it up in your favourite room and let the sweet (or spicy) vibes roll!

Top Gourmand Picks:

Match Your Mood


Glasshouse has a scent for every vibe, whether you’re creating a new one or just amplifying what’s already there.

The cool part? You can twin your favourite candle with a matching shower gel or body lotion. So, if you're into it, your signature scent can follow you from room to shower to wherever.

And hey, with the holidays around the corner, Glasshouse fragrances make for the perfect gift. Who wouldn’t love a little aromatic magic wrapped up in a bow?

Check out the full Glasshouse Fragrances range online at Salon Style. We’ve got candles, diffusers, body creams, scrubs, and shower gels ready to play matchy-matchy with your vibe!

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