Does your hair stop growing once it reaches a certain length?

Have you had your hair dyed, the roots are growing out but your hair isn't getting any longer? Or maybe you’ve gone without a haircut for months but you’re still stuck with the same shoulder length hair you had months ago?

Growing your hair is a slow process that can become extremely frustrating, especially when you aren't witnessing any results. You may start asking yourself why?  Why your colour is growing out but your hair never seems to grow past a certain length. Well that is why Salon Style is here to inform you of the why and provide you with suggestions on how to help your hair continue growing.

Hair grows at an average rate of half an inch per month, meaning the average person's hair will grow around 6 inches each year. If your hair is not receiving enough nutrients it begins to break off at the same rate, and unfortunately it will stay that way until you change the way you care for your hair.  Never fear because we are going to show you how to change that as quickly as possible.

Everyone has or will experience split ends, which are the ends of the hair strand that have split into two and stopped growing. This is due to the hair strands not receiving enough nutrients to keep it healthy. Eventually the split end works it way up the strand causing it to eventually break off. As a result of this your hair may be growing from the root, however it is also breaking off from the bottom, keeping your hair in this repetitive cycle not letting it grow past a certain point. Split ends are not reversible, your only solution once an end has split is to cut it off. There are some products tailored to preventing split ends such as the Fanola Nutri Care Restructuring Cream For Split Ends and the ghd Advanced Split End Therapy. Leaving split ends in your hair will just cause it to split further up the strand shortening your hair even more, so get your haircut before using the split end sealing products to grow new healthy hair. Avoid towel-drying your hair roughly, bleaching, or washing too frequently.  

Age is also a factor as to why your hair is stopping at a certain length and breaking off. As you age more and more, the scalp begins to produce less oil leading to coarser, dryer hair and hair that is more prone to split ends and breakage. Lifestyle factors such as diet, heat styling, colouring, bleaching, also contribute to the weakening of your hair as you age progressively, these things are all just a part of life. There are products out there to help prevent age related hair loss such as the Davines Naturaltech Energizing Superactive.

We have all gone on a binge of bad foods and chocolate, especially over the easter period. I am sure we have all experienced a pimple or two right after, haven’t we? Or felt excellent with our radiant skin after drinking lots of water. Your hair works in the same ways. Iron, Vitamin D, B-complex, and zinc is the recipe to the healthiest hair. Lamb, turkey, and pumpkin seeds will boost your zinc levels. Iron can be found naturally in eggs, spinach, and chicken, while salmon, mushrooms, and sunshine are great, natural sources of Vitamin D. B-Complex includes biotin, niacin, and cobalamin, which all give the hair thickness and shine - avocados, legumes, eggs, and whole grains are a great source for these.

So you are washing your hair with water so hot it is steaming? Rushing to get out of the shower you condition your hair, quickly rinse it out, aggressively towel dry and brush it before using heat to blow dry, straighten or curl it? Most people do you’re not alone, but these terrible habits seem so small you don’t even think twice before doing it. Start brushing your hair before you wash it, you should never brush you delicate wet hair, it just leads to further split ends. In the shower flick the water to lukewarm or even better cold when your ready to put your hair under it, it helps to keep moisture locked in, to repair those dehydrated strands that have become brittle and fragile from being washed under hot water. Make sure once your out you are always using a heat protection spray before using your heat styling tools! Try the DeLorenzo Defence Extinguish Thermal Spray, it protects hair up to temperatures of 240 degrees Celsius.

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