We have come a long way in terms of supporting our boobs. From cloth binders in the middle ages, to corsets in the 1500's and then evolving over time to the brassiere we all know today. Boobs come in all shapes and sizes and require different levels of management. Some ladies don’t need any support but would love to create some shape and other ladies who are blessed in the chest need all the support they can get!

No matter the size, we all have at least one outfit we love that just doesn’t accommodate a bra. Whether it shows the straps, reveals some of the cup, or a strapless bra simply isn’t bracing the boobs well enough; that much loved dress or top just stays in the wardrobe for us to admire and never wear!


You can now get that dress off the hanger! With Booby Tape. You can create cleavage, lift and support for your boobies!


What is Booby Tape?

Booby Tape is a hypoallergenic tape with an acrylic adhesive designed to brace even the heaviest of boobs. The 5 metre roll comes in a variety of colours (nude is best under coloured clothing) and will last multiple applications depending on the level of support required. It has a stretch capability similar to human skin, making it more comfortable and longer lasting.


How do I use it?

There are multiple application techniques depending on your outfit and the desired result. Below are a few of the ways you can apply your Booby Tape but your options are endless.


We also recommend using Booby Tape Nipple Covers to protect our sensitive skin around the nipple area.


Does it hurt?

Unlike other tapes that aren’t specifically for your boobs, Booby Tape is designed to be friendly on the skin and removal is easy.

Peeling of slowly will generally allow for a comfortable removal. But if you require a little assistance (for when you have needed stronger support or more tape), you can apply a little moisturiser or coconut oil as you are slowly removing.

If you have any concerns or previous sensitivities to tapes, we would suggest a tape test. Just apply a small amount of tape near where you wish to apply and leave for 24 hours to ensure no reaction.

We recommend to apply on skin free of moisturisers and oils or any other skin products.


Benefits of Booby Tape

Water Proof! Yes, you can use it under your favourite bikini!

Moisture/Sweat Resistant – Dance all night without the fear of your boobs slowly hitting the floor.

Wear different styles – plunging necklines, open back, strapless

Endless ways to apply and levels of support

Also available Booby Tape Double sided Tape to hold those daring outfits in place

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