Ageing gracefully is one thing, but trying to slow it down is another.

Courteney Cox




As the wise saying goes “Beauty starts from within”, or more specifically beauty starts with what we put in our bodies.

As a 36 year old, working, mother of two little ones, I was horrified to recently learn that our natural collagen production starts slowing in our 20’s and in some people can come to a complete stop…. And the inevitable signs of ageing begin.

Collagen intake, whether through diet or supplements has been shown to improve and prevent the signs of ageing as well many other benefits including gut health, hair, nails and even joint health.

Whilst it’s possible to consume collagen rich foods on the daily – avocado, eggs, vegetables, bone broth, fish and soya beans to name a few, you can now buy a cheeky little powder supplement to put in your daily coffee or smoothie!

If it’s good enough for the Kardashians, I’m absolutely giving it a crack! Turns out getting collagen injections is so 1990’s and not absorbed well when applied topically. However, the collagen gurus out there have found ways of creating powder and capsule supplements made with hydrolysed marine or bovine collagen.


My focus has been on Kissed Earth, launched by Rachael Finch last year, who have a strong emphasis on using the highest quality ingredients and committing to no artificial or synthetic options.

Their range consists of both collagen and also nutrient rich vegan protein powders. With a combo of flavoured and unflavoured, the options for how you mix these powders are endless! My fave.. straight in to my morning coffee! Oh yeah!


The second range I have in my hands is Botanical Path who pride themselves on bringing you beauty naturally. Proudly Australian made and owned and free of all the nasties. They also understand how busy life can be and therefore have kept the system simple and a one stop shop for your daily nutritional needs.

My favourite part is they even have a Botanical Path Collagen Beauty sample pack, so you can try all the options and work out which one suits you and your needs.

Goodbye fine lines and aching body, Hello radiant glowing skin and limber joints!

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