No More Bad Hair Days

Bad Hair Day Woes?

We’ve all had those days where we see ourselves in the mirror first thing in the morning and wonder what attacked us in our sleep. Hair that would scare Beetlejuice and give Einstein a run for his money!

Now depending on your plans for that day, you could embrace the crazy doo and leave it that way while you slop around the house in your jam jams. However, if you have a life that day and need to resolve the fuzz quickly, here are a few solutions to get you out the door quicker!


  1. The obvious – A hat or beanie, simple yet effective.

2. A headband or bandanna – great option for both short or long hair as the bandanna can be worn in multiple ways.

Trendy pony tail or bun – even those not blessed with hair doing skills can manage either of these styles. Add clips or scrunchies or even a scarf to jazz it up!

Dry shampoo! For those who are trying to combat the grease (spray in and leave for 5-10min before brushing through)

Practice your braids. Once you’ve got the hang of doing braids in your own hair, they will be your saviour! A quick spray of dry shampoo then braid away


    When none of the above are working (or suitable for the occasion), sometimes a light water spritz is enough to help you rework your hair. Use your hairdryer on low heat and speed, especially when working with an uncooperative fringe! This can prevent the need for a full hair shampoo and get your locks smooth and shiny! 

    Bring on the Good Hair Day x



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