5 Steps To Glowing Youthful Skin

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Posted on September 03 2018

No. 5: Use sunscreen and moisturiser every day. 

To protect your skin from the sun we suggest you use the Anesi Les Ecrans Haute Protection (Non-Tinted) creme. This can help prevent dark spots that are caused by the sun. It helps nourish the skin with chamomile extracts and regenerates the skin with Allantoin, which is perfect for protection against the sun. 

Anesi Les Ecrans Haute Protection Creme 50ml (Non-Tinted)

Protects skin from exposure to UVA and UVB radiation
Moisturising effect; it is completely absorbed without clogging the skin.
Avoids irritation of the skin and produces a soothing and relaxing effect
Light texture that does not prevent oxygen from reaching pores
Provides the skin with suitable protection from exposure to UVA and UVB radiation
Its formula enriched with anti-inflammatory and moisturising agents is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive

    No. 4 Use serums for radiant skin. 

     Using a serum will not only brighten the skin but it will improve the elasticity of your skin. Serums not only plump the skin but they stimulate new cell growth which helps your skin achieve a youthful and more glowing complexion. 

     Anesi Celestial Secret Elixir 50ml

    Redensifies and restructures skin
    Firms and tones the tissues
    Plumps wrinkles from within
    Stimulates cell renewal
    Luxury elixir for a truly complete rejuvenating effect
    The pleasing texture that leaves skin feeling silky, smooth and nourished
    Fulfils expectations for skin firmness, density, brightness, no marked wrinkles etc.


    No. 3 Exfoliate twice a week for smaller pores. 

    Not only does exfoliating minimise pores but it actually reduces the appearance of a dull lifeless complexion. Exfoliating takes away dead skin cells and helps the skin produce new, younger looking skin. We recommend using the:

    Colloidal oatmeal and rice powder gently polishes and eliminates dull skin and impurities, whilst coconut milk powder deeply hydrates.

    Reduces the appearance of:
    Dull lifeless complexion
    Age spots, blemishes and uneven skin tone
    100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

    Colloidal Oatmeal
    Rice Powder
    Coconut Milk

    No. 2 Look after your under eyes and focus on preventing wrinkles.

    There are a variety of products on the market to prevent wrinkles and to help tighten your skin. The ingredients you should be looking for when looking for a product that can help you prevent wrinkles are ones that have peptides in them. If you don't know what peptides are, well they are the building blocks of proteins in the skin. This is vital when wanting to restore the skin's firmness as they are what makes our skin looking brighter and more youthful. 

    Vani-T Peptide Lift Anti-Aging Crystals 3g

    Assists to plump, fill and reduce the appearance of:
    Fine lines and wrinkles
    Dark circles and eye bags
    Crow’s feet
    Frown and forehead lines
    100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

    No. 1 Stay hydrated.  

    Drink up! Staying hydrated is the number one way to prevent wrinkles and keep the skin looking plump and youthful. It's recommended by many specialists that drinking from 2-3 litres of water a day can help the skin improve its elasticity.



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