The Natural Redhead 5 Fun Facts

 Did you know?

  1. Being a redhead is a genetic mutation of the MC1R gene. Both parents of a child must carry the recessive gene for the child to be a redhead

  2. The term redhead has been in use since at least 1510 with the first documented case of a natural born redhead occurring in Scotland. 

  3. Redheads respond to pain and painkillers differently than their blonde or brunette counterparts.

  4. Less than 2% of the world's population have red hair

  5. Natural red hair is less likely to go grey


If you’ve been blessed with the MC1R mutation, here are our fave products to rock those red locks! They can help enhance your natural red tone or slightly change the hue.

GK Hair Red Red Bombshell Masque is a colour treatment that will moisturize and intensify your red hair colour. 


Milk Shake Colour Whipped Cream Light Red is a leave-in coloured, conditioning, protective creamy foam that is suitable for enhancing red tones. It will provide an immediate and even coloured tone to the hair.


Delorenzo Nova Fusion Intense Red is an intense colour care shampoo that is ideal for highlighting red hair.  Adds powerful red tones to medium-dark brown hair. 


Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme 600 Fire Red is unique 3 in 1 product for colour treated hair that refreshes colour between salon visits.  With results in under 3 minutes, instant colour is added to your hair in a nourishing, detangling treatment.


Wella Professionals Invigo Red Recharge Conditioner with colour pigments refreshes and maintains the multi-dimensional colour of red tones, leaving hair intensively conditioned.

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